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The #1 Alternative To Sanding Company In Houston Texas. Sandless Refinishing of Your Wood Floors! We Service All of Greater Houston Area!


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Non Toxic, No Dust, Done In 1 Day!!

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Certified Green

Non Toxic! Kid and Pet Friendly!


No Dust

No Sand. No Dust. No Cleaning Necessary! 

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Done In ONE Day

No Need To Move Out. 

Are Your Wood Floors Scratched, Worn Out, or Even Discolored?!

We Will Refinish Your Hard Wood Floors For You!

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There’s Greatness Inside Of Your Wood Floors Waiting To Get Out!

Our standard service process includes our commercial grade wet solutions combined with our High-Speed machine to prep your floors. We will then proceed to seal your wood floors multiple times with our commercial grade sealer and finish with your selection of our matte, satin or gloss finish of your choice.


Is Sandless Even An Option For Me?

YES! Even though we offer both FULL SAND and SANDLESS options, approximately 90% of the floors we service qualify for the sandless refinish process and "DO NOT" need to be sanded.

Half the cost of sanding!

Our proven SAME-DAY method not only allows us to complete the job in ONE day, but it's HALF the cost of a full sand.

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How We Do It!

Wet Process:

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Seal & Finish:

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What others say about us

The best part of refinishing your wood floors are seeing the positive reviews from our happy clients!

“Best in Houston!”

“Wow! Just an amazing job refinishing our wood floors! I was just astounded at how they were able to make our floors look. ”  - Chris W.

“Such a blessing!”

“Great work! They were able to save my floors and did an impeccable job as well. Extremely professional and honest. I recommend 100%”  - Peter N.

“Honest & Transparent!”

“Gave such an honest assessment to us. Did above and beyond of what was expected of them. Truly amazed of their work. They really take pride in what they do.”  - David A.


It's Time To Make Your Hard Wood Floors Beautiful Again!”

Refinishing your wood floors will save you hundreds even thousands of dollars. Not every floor needs to be sanded. We offer both full sand and sandless options. We will give you an honest opinion as to which process will be best suitable for your floors. We will always give an honest and transparent assessment! Guaranteed!

- CEO, Texas Floor Doc's

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What Kind Of Hard Wood Floors Can We Refinish?

  • ​All 22 species of Real Wood Floors!
  • ​Commercial & Residential!
  • ​Historic & Antique Wood Flooring!
  • ​Pre-Finished & Engineered Wood Floors!
  • ​Parquet Wood Floors!
  • ​All Different Types of Tile!
  • ​ANYTHING Wood. We Can Refinish it!

FINALLY! A solution that makes sense & saves you thousands of dollars compared to traditional sanding. Why sand 100% of your floors & pay thousands of dollars more to fix a 10, 20, or 30% of a problem on your floors? If only 20% of your floors need to be sanded, we will only sand that 20% and refinish the other 80%. Saves you valuable time and even better. Money!

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